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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Behind Enemy Lines

As a Red Sox fan living in Upstate Ny i constantly seem to be defending myself. When the Sox win its sweet but not so much when they lose! This makes it fun though. The opinions are broad and some even well thought out. (I know it seems impossible for Yankees fans). I really enjoy throwing stats at some of these self proclaimed Yankees fans, only to watch their heads spin as they try to figure out what im talking about. That seems to be the biggest thing i have noticed with "yankees fans". Not too many of them really know what they are talking about. They are largely passionate but in a much more obnoxious, pushy way. If you know any Yankees fans then im sure you can agree with me.

I find that these type of fans are the ones that make it fun for me. This artice doesnt have alot of purpose. The main purpose is just to alienate Yankees fans. After all thats what Red Sox Nation lives for.

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