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Monday, February 27, 2012

David Ortiz Says "This Aint No Bar"

David Ortiz seems to be OK with the rule implemented by Bobby Valentine, banning alcohol from Bostons clubhouse on game days. The rule will also apply to the last flight on Road Trips. Ortiz was quoted over the weekend saying “We’re not here to drink,” said David Ortiz. “We’re here to play baseball. You know what I’m saying? This ain’t no bar. This is an organization, a place that needs a lot of athleticism. Alcohol has nothing to do with that. People have alcohol in their houses. If you want to drink it, drink at home.” Now if only Big Papi was as vocal last season during the epic collapse. Being the leader that Ortiz is, maybe he could have stopped the Red Sox clubhouse from becoming a "Bar". Its not likely though. After all these are grown men that will, in the end, do what they want.

Saying this, I am on board with this. Its not like Boston is the outcast here. 19 other MLB teams already have this rule in place and others will likely follow suit. It just makes sense more times than not. Why should baseball players that earn more in a month then most of us do in a year be allowed to drink while on the job? The majority of Red Sox fans probably have jobs that require Substance Testing. Why should these players that are largely fan supported be any different? Im with Papi on this one, booze doesnt belong in the Sox clubhouse, or in the game period. Just ask Josh Beckett what beer can do to you. He was looking quite out of shape at the end of 2011. 12 oz. of Budweiser contains 145 calories. Who really thinks they only had one? Doesnt seem optimal for guys getting paid millions of dollars to stay in shape and perform athletic activities at a high level.

If The Sox make the playoffs in 2012, by all means break out the champagne. If they win The World Series break it out again. Otherwise leave the booze at home on gameday. Give us fans some peace of mind and atleast let us believe that you guys want another ring as badly as we do.

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