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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Would The Yankees Sign Roy Oswalt?

Sometimes it's funny how things work out in baseball. Going into spring training, the majority of baseball considered the Yankees' rotation second only to the Rays in the AL East, but how things have changed in just a short time.

The reason for praise was centered around the acquisition of Michael Pineda and signing of Hiroki Kuroda, which was supposed to give the Yanks a mixture of talented young arms and experienced starting pitching. Instead they have a Jekyll and Hyde number two starter and a pitcher out for the season with TJ elbow surgery.

Adding to the mess that is the Bronx Bombers starting rotation has been CC Sabathia's struggles, Freddy Garcia's 12+ ERA and Phil Hughes' ERA approaching 8.00.

The Evil Empire has one Andy Pettitte working his way back to the bigs after a year of retirement, but can a 39 year old starter carry the weight of a horrid rotation on his back?

In his recent rehab start with Single-A Trenton, Pettitte allowed 5R,4ER with 3K in 5IP.

Like most years, the Yankees have thump in their lineup--112 Runs in 20 games--but as a Red Sox fan in 2011 knows, it means nothing without starting pitching.

With Roy Oswalt still on the market, he has to be considered an option for a team that will surely collapse if it's starting pitching doesn't improve.

Oswalt posted a 3.69 ERA in 139 innings last season but had trouble with his back--missed time in June--likely the reason he hasn't been signed. The way the Yankees rotation looks though, wouldn't you take a chance? It's not like they don't have the cash to throw at him.

It's likely that someone will pluck the 36 year old off the market soon, whether or not it's the Yanks remains to be seen but they must be considering it.

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