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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oswalt in a Red Sox Uniform No Longer an Option

roy oswalt
Roy Oswalt (Photo credit: arto
The rumors were aplenty, speculation ran wild and at times fans even longed to see 34 year old starting pitcher Roy Oswalt in a Red Sox uniform. On Tuesday the rumors stopped, this time for good because the righty signed a contract with the Texas Rangers who had been viewed as the front runner for his services of late.

According to several reports, the Red Sox may not have had as much as a shot in the dark to sign the starting pitcher anyways but speculation ran wild anyways, like it usually does in the lovely city of Boston.

Either way, I as well as many others, am glad that this is done and over with. I was never big on the idea of overpaying for the services of a veteran that made it clear he didn't want to be here unless the Red Sox were willing to pay an arm and a leg for him.

Sure, if he pitches well the Sox will wish he could have bolstered their rotation but does he really fit here anyways? If an injury (knock on wood) comes along, maybe Ben Cherington will wish he signed Oswalt but right now, I don't think there was ever that much interest and there shouldn't have been.

Fox News reports that the deal is for one-year $5 million and Oswalt will start his tour with the Rangers on Saturday in the minors. The added need for the veteran starters services came when a spot in Texas' rotation opened up due to an elbow injury sustained by Neftali Feliz.

A timeline for Roy Oswalts return to the majors hasn't been announced officially but the righty has said that he would need a month to get ready, putting him at the end of June or early July.

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