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Friday, June 22, 2012

When is Enough, Enough in Boston?

BOSTON, MA - APRIL 12:  David Ortiz #34 of the...
This look on David Ortiz is symbolic of the tragic situation in Boston right now. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
Following today's comments from David Ortiz regarding the media and how uncomfortable it has come to play in Boston, I had an epiphany and that doesn't happen often. The Red Sox are falling apart right in front of our eyes and I don't mean this season, I mean the overall franchise may be in big trouble.

This isn't one of those negative pieces where I'll point out how "toxic" the Sox have become, because I don't think that's the case at all. What has become toxic though, is playing in the city of Boston.

How many free agents do you think would come lining up to play for the Red Sox right now, if they held an open house, looking to sign them all for $25 mil a year? I don't think it would be many. You couldn't pay me to switch places with one of these guys right now.

The media has gone from the point of covering a bad team--which will be negative--to the point of just looking for the next shockwave across Boston to draw in the pageviews or sell papers. It's become an ugly scenario and David Ortiz finally took it into his hands on Thursday when he called out the media, not the fans or his teammates, to be clear.

Big Papi, the same guy that won a pair of World Series in Boston, went as far as saying "He's not sure" that he still wants to play in Beantown after this season.

And let's be clear, this piece is not just focusing on '12, but rather the near future of the Red Sox, which is looking increasingly grim. The Olde Towne Team has taken on the perception of an organization that's all about public relations and profit with ignorant media to boot.

Just from my blogging adventures and my interactions with fans of major league baseball, I have come to realize just how much September of '11 has hurt this team. Never have I witnessed the sort of negativity surrounding this team and it has spiraled to an unacceptable realm.

A lot of this has to do with the Sox disappointing season to follow up the collapse of last, but even after winning 6 of 7, we see the media focusing more on the internal struggles than the teams success. It's a no-win situation for everyone involved and the Red Sox as a whole, not just the physical Red Sox, but the name of the Boston Red Sox.

It's sad that less than five years removed from the teams second World Series of a decade, things have become this bad. I understand they have struggled and their play on the field at times has deserved scrutiny, but that's where it needs to stop. The play on the field is where we need to focus our attention.

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  1. John, I agree that Boston is probably not at the top of the list when it comes to desirable landing spots for free agents, but if you throw $25 million at some one, they will come. Boston has always had a voracious media and we've still signed our fair share of FA's. Also, I don't know what you do for a living, but I bet you would switch places with anyone on this team for $1 million, let alone $25 million. A chance to take the field at Fenway Park in front of a packed house? Come on. Imagine the goosebumps. That still has attraction.

    The franchise is unsettled, even fractured at the moment. But the future is not grim. Nay, after last night's game and the performances of Middlebrooks, Kalish, Nava, not to mention our top 10 farm system, the future of this team on the field is bright. It's just the knuckleheads off the field that need to get their s*** together.

    I believe that come September we are going to be firmly entrenched in a playoff spot (I know how that worked out for us last year, but still), and we will look back at the Olney "toxic" article as the turning point of the season that galvanized the clubhouse and initiated our charge up the AL East standings.

  2. Yeah I know that $25 mil would bring free agents here, that and the switching places thing were sarcastic remarks to say that this franchise is definitely not an upward trend. They are winning and I pointed that out, but overall it doesn't seem like things are good.

    Fans of baseball, and Red Sox fans have become increasingly bitter with the organization. The near future of this org. Does not look good if you ask me. They may very well make the playoffs this season, but it may not change the damage being done by all this negative perception.

  3. There's a reason why Big Papi doesn't want to come back. It's not because of his teammates or the ownership, it's because of the media.

  4. Yeah Andrew, he made that pretty clear yesterday and I've spent the last day pointing the same thing out that you just did. People thought he was unhappy with his team mates, which simply wasn't the case.

    It's the combo of everything that made me write this. The Red Sox have changed ALOT in the last couple seasons, and I dont see where it's been for the better. What do you think?