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Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Decision For Red Sox No One's Talking About

CLEVELAND - MAY 11:  Justin Germano #39 of the...
There's another decision coming today in the Red Sox organization with Justin Germano's (8-4, 2.60 at Pawtucket) opt-out clause taking effect.  (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
Soon after the All-Star break, the Red Sox will be faced with some tough decisions when it comes to the 25-man roster. Right now, and I mean today, there is a tough decision to be made down in Pawtucket and per the circumstances, no ones talking about it.

It's quite understandable--with six starters already throwing the ball well and another set to return after the break--that the Red Sox would have trouble fitting another starter into the rotation.

The problem is, Justin Germano has been by far the ace at Pawtucket this season and he's set to opt-out of his contract with the Sox today. Having the opportunity to abort his contract and not having one to pitch in the majors will almost surely lead to his deciding to sign elsewhere.

It's unfortunate, but its usually the way things go in baseball. A team either has too much starting pitching or not nearly enough. In this case, the Red Sox have too much at the moment.

There's no guarantee that the 29 year olds 2.60 ERA would translate to even a respectable mark in the big leagues, especially when you consider the 5.02 mark he holds in parts of six seasons in the show.

If you're the Red Sox though, you have to at least make an effort to keep Germano put, in case a need arises down the road. Think September, when capable pitchers would have been worth their weight in gold.

He will have suitors. A number of teams will attempt to acquire his services, and a few might even slot him into their rotation to give it a try. Pitching is that much of a shortage in the game. So there's no telling what the righty will do today.

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