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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

For Once in 2012, Red Sox Get Good News

Before I type perhaps the most important words spoke this season, let me apologize for the lack of activity over the last several days. Things have been tough and aside from baseball, life will be life. Today in the world that is Boston baseball, life got just a little better for the Red Sox due to the revelation that David Ortiz is not likely to become the most vital member of the team to hit the disabled list this season.

There's a but though. Big Papi, after learning through an MRI today that his Achilles is not strained or ruptured, will get a second opinion on Wednesday and make the final decision as to whether he should take the trip that several of his teammates have unfortunately taken this season. As of right now, he doesn't expect that to be the case, saying that a weeks absence is the most likely scenario.

Missing their most consistent slugger this season for a week will test the Red Sox' will power like no other injury has this season, but the horizon does hold hope. It could have been much worse. Ortiz could have ended his season, much like Ryan Howard did in the playoffs last year, which would have spelled doom for Boston.

As for right now, Bobby Valentine will likely use the freed-up designated hitter spot to rest his recently returned outfielders such as Jacoby Ellsbury, Carl Crawford and play Daniel Nava whose playing time has been crunched due to the returns of both "star" players.

As soon as we receive any new updates on the injury to David Orriz, we will surely bring you them here. Right now things look positive, but the way 2012 has played out, cross your fingers and prey to the mighty lord that nothing unexpected pops up.

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