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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Red Sox Finally Release Bobby Jenks

FORT MYERS, FL - MARCH 14:  Pitcher Bobby Jenk...
Bobby Jenks was finally released by the Red Sox after pitching just 15 2/3 innings over a year and a half of a $12 million contract.  (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
According to several sources, including ESPN Boston, the Red Sox placed injured reliever Bobby Jenks on "unconditional release waivers" after the two sides came to an agreement terminating his miserable contract.

Theo Epstein, then Red Sox GM signed Jenks in the offseason following the '10 season to a two-year $12 million contract to presumably to pitch out of the back end of Boston's bullpen.

A season and a half into the contract and the former White Sox closer had yet to give the Sox anything in the form of return on their investment. He pitched just 15 2/3 innings in '11 and quite frankly, he shouldn't have been allowed on a mound that long. His 6.32 ERA supports my claim.

The 31 year old has been on the disabled list the whole 2012 season, recovering from two back surgeries during the off-season. With the Red Sox possessing a solid bullpen, it's for the best that Jenks isn't a part of it. Although we did get a reminder of him in the early days of this season when Mark Melancon was on the mound doing his best impression.

Even Melancon couldn't completely replicate Jenks. His early season trip was to AAA Pawtucket while Jenks took a trip to the "crowbar hotel" when he was arrested during Spring Training for a hit-and-run accident that took place at a South Florida bar. The visually impaired driver of a white SUV admitted he had "taken too many muscle relaxers". Clearly him and Ozzie were catching up.

I honestly had a hard time writing this post because I didn't think Red Sox Nation cared where he was and this was pretty well expected anyways. It's still nice to be able to say farewell to a $12 million non-factor. Thanks Theo, glad we bid farewell to you too.

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