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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

For Red Sox, Playing For Future Means Losing in the Present

As it stands the Red Sox are the ninth worst team in the entire Major Leagues, tied with the also-ugly San Diego Padres. Judging based on their most recent skid, things don't appear to be headed north anytime soon and the team has been forced to admit they are "playing for pride" at this point.

Pride is a major part of any persons life and generally a multi-million dollar ball player will have plenty to go around. This season has been enough to put a dent in the strongest willed, such as fan favorite (and still one of my personal favorites) Dustin Pedroia. The question has to be asked at this point, if the Sox should put this pride on the shelf for the remainder of this season and just continue to lose. I know, it sounds crazy, but bear with me.

As we stand, Boston is undoubtedly in the conversation for worse overall season, especially when one considers that they shouldn't be this bad. The fact remains though. They are this bad, and barring an absolute miracle, they will pack their bags early and go home after the final regular season series in New York on October 3rd.

The general feeling surrounding the season right now is that we're looking toward the future. What better way than a top-10 draft pick come June 2013? Sure, it's not a guaranteed win-win situation, but has anyone paid attention to the Nationals this season? They are living proof of the importance of the mid-summer event.

More specifically, has anyone paid attention to Stephen Strasburg this season? For those who don't know, his existence in the Nats rotation is a product of Washington being the worst team in baseball for a season. The Red Sox have played the part already this season, so why not get something in return?

I understand this scenario would look really bad and probably even hamper ticket sales a bit (god forbid), but haven't the Red Sox already established themselves as terrible? Is there anything they can do in the final month that will change the way fans will perceive this disastrous season?

The Red Sox aren't good now and they won't be at any point this season. That's clear. They can be in the future though, and a top draft pick (preferably a clear-cut ace starter) may be the difference between a perennial loser and a team that rebounds in the near future and puts this mess firmly in the rear view.